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Last Meals of Inmates on Death Row

Single black olive with a pit in it


I would of got two chipotle burritos & a honey bun . Couple of peanut chews. Yup.

Actually he was killed by hanging, not from an allergic reaction to olives. You so crazy tumblr.

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Did you know?


White American males constitute only 33% of the population. Yet, they occupy approximately:

  • 80% of tenured positions in higher education
  • 80% of the House of Representatives
  • 80-85% of the U.S. Senate
  • 92%of Forbes 400 executive CEO-level positions
  • 90% of athletic team owners
  • 97.7% of U.S. presidents

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huey freeman

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This is why I don’t eat pork.

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peep game



the disappointment in his eyes..

son why are you doing this to me

I feel like this was me when I was growing up.

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Cole Alexander on Drake: "I like my rappers more ghetto and ratchet sounding.".



Remember Black Lips? The Atlanta rockers are as well known for their mouths as they are for their music, and neither is particularly clever. Guitarist/vocalist Cole Alexander spoke to the A.V. Club this week for their Hatesong feature, and couldn’t restrain his hate to just one artist. He…

keep on shucking and jiving.


Terry Crews ain’t here for Hollywood bullshit

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what my next music video is gonna look like.

Witnessed the #apocalypse on I-95. #nofilter



wine glass + sippy cup lid

This is made for me

This will be my boyfriends birthday gift.

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Anyone else miss this show?

I feel like it came along at the wrong time. People kept calling it the “east coast answer to Entourage” but comparisons to Girls and Looking seem much more appropriate to me.

The social justice warriors always complain about the lack of diversity on Looking and Girls. Here was a TV show that had black, latino, and Jewish characters front and center, but nobody watched it. But now we watch these other shows either because we think it’s better or just to complain about how politically incorrect it is.

Do you see yourself staying in Philly when you get older?.


One of the best parts of my job involves talking to kids all over the city about their hopes, dreams, fears, and concerns. A few days ago I asked some of the kids I’m responsible for to tell me via writing if they planned on staying in Philly when they get older so we had something to talk about….

These are the children of Philadelphia.



I actually wish people would think like this.

Tumblr misses the joke yet again

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Why slavery in America against blacks is the worst slavery in modern history.

Did you not know that blacks in America feel no genealogical connection to blacks in Africa? That connection was dissolved as soon as slavery set foot on North American soil. There is no family tree that points blacks in America to a village in Congo or Ghana, or Morocco. Not like an Asian person can trace their facility tree straight to Korea or Thailand.

And that is what makes American slavery the worst slavery known to man. Never in the worlds history have people been completely removed from their families, bred for profit like livestock and not because of a different religion or a war with an enemy but because they are of a different skin tone.

No doubt the Holocaust was ugly but you are not talking about 400 years of completely stripping a person of his humanity until he believes that he is not a man at all.